"I have been in the field of healing for over 20 years and finding Jen has truly changed my life and my belief in whats possible in my own healing. Each session, I am transported somewhere new, but I always feel held and safe in returning back to my own heart. Jen is kind, tender and compassionate but fierce in heart to support whatever is needed and whatever might arise. I recommend that most of my own clients see her, whether it's just for some much needed R and R or for deeper held issues that are holding them back in their healing."

~Samantha Akers CMT, E-RTY500, C-IAYT

“Jen is a real channel for healing.  Truly connected to and guided by Spirit/Source, she takes me on a journey within myself to let the transformation begin.  Her healing hands and heart always make me feel safe and protected.  The way she checks in to see what my intention is sets the tone for our connection and journey.  She is extremely in tune and a master at what she does.  I always leave her sessions being in awe at the magic that has just happened.”

~Drea Silvestri

"My name is Debra and I have taken Jen’s Reiki I and II certification classes. She is a great person to learn from as she explains what she is teaching in a clear and easy way to understand. She encourages questions and takes the time needed to answer them. She also includes hands on experience which helps build confidence to get you started. I have found Reiki to be a wonderful gift! It has changed my life profoundly - mentally, physically and spiritually. Like the title of a book she recommended, I will be doing Reiki for Life."

~Debra Nuttall

"Jen Madrone’s Reiki course had a profound effect on me. It was a safe, nurturing space to be able to learn and practice this ancient art of energy healing, with a teacher that was knowledgeable and practiced at using reiki. I have found that after taking Reiki I and II with Jen Madrone that I can confidently assist my clients, my family and myself with reminding the body how to heal and move the energy to start the healing process. It has become a great asset in my practice and my personal life"

~Jennifer Wiest, Ayurvedic Practitioner

"While attending a Restorative Yoga class with Samantha Akers, she had informed us of a special event that would incorporate her practice with Jen Madrone’s Sound Bath. The union of these practices are incredibly synergistic. The harmony of relaxing in yogic form paired with the vibration of Jen’s gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, and more are something other worldly. One can feel much of the body’s stagnation breakup and dissipate from the vibrations washing over the body. I am now a frequent goer of Jen’s monthly Sound Healing and Gong Baths and wherever else I might find her practicing her healing arts. Her kindness and gentle demeanor is brilliance and true strength. Thank you for all you have done for myself and all those you’ve healed, Jen.


~Gio King Galadron